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The Power Rankings for 2016, Game 162 are now posted.




Great season all! Here’s the list of league winners for 2015.


Manager of the Year

Terry Weiss (Tbill)


Rookie of the Year

Jason Trent (Tombs)


National Leagues (Progression)


Hercules – Rubys (TBill)

Pegasus – Pranksters (Gonzo)

Phoenix – Bulls (Redeye)

Alpha – Marauders (Professor)

Chrysalis – SayHeyKids (SayHey)

Genesis – Bulldogs (Top Dog)

Nova – Wild Card (Tombs)


National Leagues (Keeper)


Atlantis – Metro Cats (Candyman)

Clemente – SayHeyKids (SayHey)

Coast to Coast – hQQters (Poolboy)

Crackerjack – Strip (Chunk)

Senior Circuit – Hondado3 (Hondo)


American Leagues (Progression)


Odyssey – Kafman (Pete)

Calypso – Swoon (Magoo)

Hyperion – Dinosaurs (T. Rex)

Apollo – High Hopes (Joe Torre)

Helios – Tigers (Bo)

Omega – Eggmen (Droog)

Posiedon – Slammers (Slim)


American Leagues (Keeper)


Ares – Polecats (Old Pro)

Die Hard – Apostles (Anh)


All Universe (Progression)


Lagniappe – Panamas (TBill)

Armageddon – LaMachine (Breen)


All Universe (Keeper)


Hold Em – Sea Ducks (Moby Duck)




Pinetar contests and info for 2016


Look for these contests this year. We’re increasing our prizes also. Instead of just 1st place we’ll offer prizes for 2nd place this year as well.


March - March Madness NCAA

1st place Magoo, 2nd place Old Pro


April - MLB Prediction Contest


Game 54, 108 and 162 - Power Rankings prizes



Manager Career Records


Did you know that Pinetar keeps Career records for all it’s managers? Check out the Manager Career Records link above to see how you’ve done in your Pinetar career.


BBM Stat Pool Calculator

Remaining stat pools can be tricky when determining who’s got the best pool, with errors and base on balls, stolen bases, etc., it’s sometimes tough to figure. Here’s a stat pool calculator I created which allows you to select the remaining stat pool option and then just copy and paste the whole thing into this spreadsheet. It calculates all categories and provides the amount of BBM runs per plate appearance each of your players produce. You’d be amazed how much those errors and GDP’s can cost you. Check it out and you see the best OPS isn’t always the best pool to use. Currently this calculator is set up to use with the old BBM site. I’ll update it to use with the new site soon.

BBM Stat Pool Calculator

Pinetar Dues explained!


Managers who enroll in Progression leagues pay their dues as part of the enrollment process. BBM charges an extra $10 for Progression leagues, so you’ll be good for dues.


If you’re a manager who plays in a Keeper League within Pinetar then you do have to pay $10 annual separately. 


Dues may be paid using Use as the address to send your $10 too. If you need to send a check instead then email me using the questions link above and I’ll send you the address.


What do the dues cover?


Pinetar has a few contests during the season, like March Madness, the Preseason MLB prediction contest and a few Power Ranking awards. We have a small amount of web site fees as well. The huge chuck of all dues is used to buy the league winner trophies and the annual awards trophies for Manager of the Year and Rookie of the Year, etc. If you’ve never seen a Pinetar trophy, believe me when I say they aren’t pieces of junk. They are custom engraved works of art, suitable for display in any environment, including the office.